Special Heat Insulation Material

Currently considering development of other uses in cooperation

Features of Our  Special Heat Insulation Material

High durability and CUI compatible
No degradation due to moisture and resistant to corrosion due to
condensation and steam
Space-saving and light weight insulation
Low heat conductivity 14 ~ 21mW / mK
ASTM E64 Fire-resistance Test ”CLASS A”
Highly resistant to heat and fire due to its use of silica as a base
Excellent mechanical properties
Reduced insulation degradation due to compression
Easy to process and work with
Good processability due to its felt format
Currently under development for
various types of heating equipment
( Heat-treatment furnaces,
pre-heating devices,
holding furnaces )

Track Record

TENJIN FAW TOYOTA T6 Heat-treatment furnaces Heat radiation prevention
ditto Die-cast,
Holding furnace for
low-pressure casting
Heat radiation prevention
TENJIN AISAN Die-cast Holding furnace Heat radiation prevention
Aisin Seiki Die-cast Holding furnace Heat radiation prevention
TOYOTA Meichi Metal pre-heating device Heat radiation prevention
MAZDA Cast iron ladle (internal) Heat radiation prevention
ditto Dry ice locker Temperature control
YOSHIWA INDUSTRY Dust-collector duct Condensation countermeasures

Holding furnace for low-pressure casting

  *Temperature of furnace wall surface 40° ~ 60° Lower  
  *Energy usage amount 10% ~ 13%Reduction  
  *Investment-return 1.6 ~ 2.0 year