Engineering Services

Our Core Technologies [Miniaturized, energy-saving products]

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Heat radiation from Kanthal heating coils

  • small, highly-efficient aluminum melting furnaces
  • Ladle Preheating Devices
  • Various types of thermal insulation materials
  • Heat-treating, drying and pre-heating equipment
    ( Under development )
  • Deodorizing equipment ( Under development )
→ In the future, we plan to provide processes and systems.
( Based on the Toyota Production System )
Kanthal heating coils
  • High-Cr heat-resistant steel
    (Cr:22%, Fe:72%, Al:6%)
  • Heat resistance 1400℃
  • High temperature strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Achievements in heat treatment furnaces (tunnels, etc.)

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Consulting Services


1. Our basic approach

Those of us with experience at Toyota have long been involved in production preparation processes on the main casting line (Kamigo and Akechi plants) at the Toyota Motor Corporation.
We accurately perceive customer needs and provide workplace assessments, improvement proposals and technical support that make the most of the knowledge and experience we have acquired.



2. Our consultants’ approach

Safety & Environments
Environmental equipment (dust-collecting, deodorizing, etc.) keyed around ISO14001 energy-saving technologies and proposals for energy-saving activities (visual control of energy).
Processes, equipment planning and improvement proposals keyed around the Toyota Production System and Total Productive Maintenance
Product quality improvement and maintenance based on day-to-day management and Quality Control activities.
General Management
Management assessments and lectures relating to policy management, day-to-day management, human resource development, etc.