Highly-Efficient Aluminum Melting Furnaces

*Developed jointly with the Korean company SHINWOOMESTEEL CO., LTD.

Small, Highly-efficientAluminum Melting Furnaces [ Electric ]



300kg炉 外観

Energy-saving and highly efficient
Highly efficient operation due to its electric heater
Reduced energy loss due to improved heat insulation in the furnace walls
Enables one-by-one style production
Safety and work environment
Contains no hot-water distribution area as it melts individually (close at hand)
Contains no exhaust duct and produces no smoke
Able to handle a variety of materials just by exchanging the crucible
Low cost
Reduced investment and running tests due to its simple construction
Reduced maintenance costs

Track Record

TOYOTA 30kg   Materials evaluation
SINTOKOGIO 300kg   Gravity casting ( Evaluation )
KYUSHU YANAGAWA 500kg   Die-cast ( Mass production )
KYUSHU YANAGAWA 700kg   Die-cast ( Mass production )
Daiwa Vietnam 200kg   Gravity casting ( Mass production )
Toyota Thailand 30kg   Gravity casting ( Training center )



Kanthal heating coils
  • High-Cr heat-resistant steel
    (Cr:22%, Fe:72%, Al:6%)
  • Heat resistance 1400℃
  • High temperature strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Achievements in heat treatment furnaces (tunnels, etc.)

Form and specifications

  SW-300 SW-500 SW-700 SW-700T* SW-1000
Crucible capacity
300 500 700 700×2 1000
Electric capacity
50 85 100 200 130
Melting capacity
100 125 175 175×2 250
Start-up time
3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
φ1350×H1029 φ1500×H1120 φ1630×H1220 φ3730×H1270 φ1630×H1400

*Uses two 700kg furnaces ( Melting and retention )

Performance evaluation

Super Small, Highly-efficientAluminum Melting Furnaces [ Electric ]


Operability excellent for test runs and experiments!
High performance due to optimal coil design!
< The following data is for a 10kg furnace. We welcome inquiries for other sizes. >
Kanthal heating coils
Improved heat conductivity due to the quality of the
material and lower sheet metal gauging (20mm→13mm)
Heat insulation material
Nano-tech heat insulation material ( Uses Aerogel )
Electric power
Melting capacity